Danielle MacKenzie, RHN, CGP

Functional Nutrition and Wellness Advocate

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I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and a Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP) with a special focus on digestive health as the foundation of wellness throughout the body and mind.  I am especially interested in autoimmunity, gut-brain health and support for our inner micro-ecology, which runs the show of our health.  As working with clients is a highly personal and creative process, our time together plays out in different ways:  sit down sessions, hands-on kitchen sessions, shopping support, collaborative meal-planning, meditation/EFT support, and so on.  Whether or not you are working with a MD, ND or other integrative health practitioner, my role is to support you in the day to day living out of your transformational changes.

Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is an approach to healthful living and eating that sees each person as unique, requiring a customized strategy for feeling one’s best.  It is a dynamic process which addresses root-cause imbalances in the body/mind and aims to restore function through changes in diet and lifestyle.  It includes learning to listen to one’s body to receive feedback needed to determine the next step or intervention.

Nutritional Approaches

Nutritional approaches are different for everyone.  Sometimes one does well with one approach during certain stages of healing then evolves to needing something else, much like our bodies have different requirements throughout the seasons.

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