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Our bodies have a story to tell and they know the path to healing.

The modern world we live in is an interesting place and a vastly different environment than it was even a hundred years ago.  This is why our approach to health must reflect the impact of these changes on our physical bodies and mental well-being.

Fortunately, we have an inborn relationship to the earth that is our saving grace.  The food the earth grows and gives provides the crucial elements our bodies need to be nourished, cleansed, detoxified and revitalized.  These healing foods have been with us since the beginning of the ages and are capable of redirecting the disease process toward health as well as maintaining the homeostatic happiness our bodies and minds are meant to enjoy.

These foods are taking care of us.  These foods are providing a path toward healing.

Dani MacKenzie, Registered Holistic Nutrition

My Specialties are in the fields of Holistic Nutrition and Energy Psychology. I work through the lens of Mind-Body Medicine in my approach to health, healing and happiness.

My Approach

My Hutritional Approach is to look at the whole picture of a client's health and then offer the steps that will begin shifting the course for healing.

Nutrition, itself, requires an expansive understanding as to what's happening to our physical health and what our bodies are needing in the context of the modern world.

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